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CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter Development

  • CodeIgniter is a proven, agile and open PHP framework that enables programmers to develop next gen dynamic applications. It is an easy to understand tool that is loaded with hundreds of libraries. As a result, CodeIgniter handles connection to multiple databases within a single application quite seamlessly.
  • CodeIgniter is a very popular and powerful PHP framework for creating full-featured web applications. It is an open source which helps programmers in providing cost-effective PHP solutions. CodeIgniter is a MVC (Model-Viewer-Controller) based object-oriented framework which provides an environment for the designers and developers to work simultaneously thereby considerably reducing the development time. It also allows developers to build large apps in manageable way.
  • Significant Infotech has been able to exceptionally exceed the expectations of clients while delivering specific projects that dealt with CodeIgniter framework development. Our skilled team of developers have delivered multitudes of projects till date with organized structure and optimum speed.

Why should businesses consider Oracle for Database Administration?

  • Oracle offers robust functionalities, making it perfect for practically all corporations that have huge amounts of data to store and access.
  • Oracle is a database that delivers excellent performance when challenged with demanding tasks, making it highly reliable.
  • Oracle databases incorporate Flashback technology, which is a significant advantage.
  • It also features four important features i.e. atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability.
  • This certainly makes Oracle even more robust by providing a reliable and competent database system.

Significant Infotech Advantages

Significant Infotech, a leading provider of Php web development services have successfully delivered and deployed productive and client driven Website worldwide.

  • Highest developers’ standards providing tailored web fulfilling every expectations.
  • Proficient task control and execution, particularly aiding concentration on your core capabilities.

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