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Oracle Database

Oracle Database

  • An Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a unit. Oracle is the only database which is designed for enterprise grid computing – the most flexible and cost effective solution to handle information and applications. It is one of the most widely-used RDBMS, built on a relational database framework.
  • enterprise grid computing creates large pools of industry-standard, modular storage and servers. With this architecture, each new system can be rapidly provisioned from the pool of components. There is no need for peak workloads, because capacity can be easily added or reallocated from the resource pools as needed.
  • Significant Infotech competency with Oracle Database Administration makes it one of the most efficient DBA teams in the industry. Our skilled Oracle database administrators understand the complexity and repetitive nature of DBA and strive to succeed and exceed client expectations in maintaining valuable and mission critical business data. Out pool of experienced database administrators are skilled at managing, organizing and delivering quality database administration services.

Why should businesses consider CodeIgniter framework development?

  • Nearly Zero configurations
  • Exceptional performance
  • Easy programming and no restrictive coding rules
  • Working without usage of command line
  • Helps programmers in programming without large-scale huge libraries.
  • Clear and systematic documentation
  • Broad compatibility with standard hosting
  • Developers can develop and program without learning templating language

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